Wish List

We would like to hear your comments and wishes for Diesel Express game. You can use comment section below to enter a new input or like previous comments.

It is an early stage game but still we would like to hear suggestions.

Have fun.



    • Hello,

      Multiplayer version is not in our schedule now. But in later updates, we want to add.

  1. My brother and I are really into Mad Max, however we’d only get this if it included co-op. It’s a must have feature for a game like this, increases the enjoyment 300%.

    As a games dev I’d say that you need to start writing netcode now. It will improve you traction and it’s easier to start this now, than further down the line.

    Really great art style and setting.
    Would love to hear some better music.

    • We received this comment a lot lately. We are considering to implement multiplayer functionality. However, rather than technical difficulties, we need to solve some gameplay issues for multiplayer. Will the players be in the same car? Should we have another vehicle for the second person? etc. Thanks for the feedback.


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