Some GIF’s

Here are some GIF’s that we have created from latest gameplay video. We added particle effects to the environment. Enemy cars and our train now causing to dust. GIF’s frame rate is very low here but if you click and open in Giphy you can watch them with higher frame rates. Even though adding particles were on our schedule, honestly i can say i would never knew the game could look that much cool with them.


Capital Pub



Yo! These are sneak peek pictures of the Capital Pub from our game. Capital Pub is in the Capital City Train Station. This is the best place where you can find a job and a cold beer for sure. The table stands front of the flags and posters is the official table of the regiment. We are going to search for new jobs there. In the left side of this table there are another table with various pistols to take before the ride. I am planning to model a train station interior for outside of the bar. In this way we could see even our train. The posters hanging in the second picture are not made by me. I placed them there as placeholders. I feel like I am taking impressions of Bioshock Infinite for some resons. It is fine to me because it is one of the main motivations of me when I started to create this game.



Modeling and Texturing the “Navy 1851” Revolver

Hello everyone,

Here are the videos about modeling and texturing a pistol with 3D Studio Max and Substance Painter. Unfortunately I was not able to speak at the same time due to it is a timelapse video. Also I wanted to avoid that annoying heavy metal music like some video tutorials on youtube. So it is silent. Maybe I can voice-over it one day. This is not a tutorial, I might skip some steps but you can still learn something. I tried to show you my workflow. I hope you enjoy.



Army 1851/ Usable Revolver

Hello everyone,

This is the latest pistol model that I created. We are planning to publish our game with 4 or 5 usable weapons that you will reach with rank or money. I have changed this pistol a little bit. Because it does not have a cartridge and it takes a lot time to reload it. It would cause to a unbalance between other weapons. So, I added a cartridge.

Keep in touch to see our upcoming tutorial! We will show how I created the model, textures, animations and then our Unity developer will explain how to integrate the model to HTC Vive…