Diesel Express VR has been released!


Last week we released Diesel Express in Steam as early access. It was a great moment when we finally pressed publish button. The game took a lot of attention. There are very friendly and motivating comments in steam page as well as e mail. Even negative comments are very supportive. We planned our update plan with these comments which is coming from the community. We also got many e-mails from youtubers who request making a gameplay video for Diesel Express. These feedbacks made us be sure about the development. Thanks for support!


Diesel Express Soundtrack – Battle In The Sky by Walid Feghali

This awesome soundtrack we used, called “Battle in the sky” was composed by Walid Feghali. I can’t imagine that i could find another music fits Diesel Express more than that. I think the reason that makes this music so magical to us, we frequently listen it while development. We did the alpha tests with this music. So keeping it in our game was a must. DADADADA DADADADA DADADADA DA DA TUF TUF


Diesel Express Live Gameplay

We shot this video while beta testing. The game is almost finished. We just need to adjust some features and its ready to go. We are very satisfied about the gameplay. Player needs to effort to avoid enemy strikes and hide when needed. This was what we planned while game designing.


Diesel Express Launch Video

Here is the Launch Video for Diesel Express. We are very happy for the final results of our game. We are looking forward to release it on time. The music in the pub scene is a song by Frank C Stanley, called “When The Mockingbirds Are Singing In The Wildwood”. The battle music is “Battle In The Sky” composed by Walid Feghali.


New Snowy Terrain


Currently we are working on a new snowy terrain. We are still discussing about its name. It looks really fine to me. I took this screenshot from Unity viewport, so its not the final look. I will capture a video as soon as possible. If you wondering how do we create this terrains, we are using world machine which is giving A LOT of possiblities to us to create realistic terrains. After creating it in World Machine, we render hightmap (for hight value) and splatmap (for texture layers) outputs. Then we import them to Unity terrain.


Shooting Range

We were discussing about to add a shooting range with unharmful targets. Because learning how to aim in game is a little bit hard. So that place will be good for newbie’s.

It was a small theatre before it was started to be used as a shooting range. It is in downstairs of Capital Pub.