New Weapons – 1911 and Sawed-off Shotgun

We could not post here for a while. And you may wonder what are we working on currently. Sadly, we are still working on publising Diesel Express on Rift Experiments. It took too long because Oculus Rift is holding the rules very tightly. We need to work harder to optimize graphics to reach 90FPS in game. In the other hand i forgot my password to login wordpress and couldn’t write posts. Anyway…

We are planning to add this two weapons to the game. With them, our armory will be done. Also some weapons will be unlockable with our rank. And we start with one or a couple of weapons. Enjoy your last times with your favorite pistols. I have to add, the pistol below has been created in Oakhaben Factories, but we bought Sawed-off Shotgun from Unity Asset Store.








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