Floating Crosshair

After our Steam Early Access release, we have had many feedbacks regarding to difficulty of the aiming. We wanted players to aim and shoot as they shot a real weapon. Let’s admit; it is difficult to aim at a moving target from a moving vehicle.

In most of the VR shooter games, a laser beam is used to make shooting easier. However, in Diesel Express, we didn’t want to put a laser beam to the weapons, since it would ruin the atmosphere of the game.

Floating Crosshair

We decided to use a crosshair. However, in VR, the view and the weapons are not stable, we couldn’t just put a regular crosshair into the middle of the screen. We came up with an idea of Floating Crosshair. It is a 3D crosshair which points what the weapons is aiming. It is basically the same with a laser beam, but, it looks much better and fits Diesel Express better.

We add Floating Crosshair just into beginner mode. In the difficult mode, it disappears.

It seems we need to come up with ideas like this in Virtual Reality domain. There is a whole new game-play waiting to be discovered.



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