Diesel Express VR Update 1.1

Our first update has been successfully published to Steam!

There were some complains about aiming. We have created a floating crosshair which is available only in the beginner mode (which can be set in Pub from Paper Clip). We believe it makes aiming easy without ruining the atmosphere of the game.

A new level has been added. We will publish more levels soon. When we are convinced that there are enough levels, we will connect this levels in a map and player will only be able to choose missions which belong to this dot in the map.

A Gyrocopter has been added to the game. Player must shoot fuel tanks or the pilot of this vehicle to take it down. Explosions included! 😉

There have been enhancements in the UI. You will notice blood splats when you are hit. Metal spark has been added to bullet hit to make where the bullet hit noticeable.

Instead of floating weapons, we added gloves to the gun to make the feeling better.



Summary of the update:
•Floating Crosshair in beginner mode
•Blood screen improvement
•Blood splatters
•Mission papers map image changed
•Gyrocopter (Flying enemy vehicle)
•Metal sparkles improvement
•Flame and explosion on Gyrcocopter
•Oakhaben – Capital City (New map)
•World Map changed
•Glove model added to Weapons and papers
•Gameplay camera in train missions has been inverted
•Truck collider fixed



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