Diesel Express


“Apocalypse brought us freedom” said a stranger man named Marius. Nobody knew him before, but he showed another path beside the one which is going behind the walls that built by who responsible of this breakdown. In a few months he was controlling thousands. Then he ordered men to fill the diesel to the engines…

About the game:

Diesel Express is set on an alternative time period of the post-WW2 Europe. The war ended by a ceasefire after desolation of the earth. Only a very small population of people are living safely behind the walls of self governed cities which appeared after the breakdown of the countries. While cities are guarded by walls, outland is under control by a doomsday cult which is led by a stranger man named Marius. As an individualist, Marius convinces groups to act against the cities. His idea spread quickly because of the post war conjunctures. The only transportation way being used between the cities is railroad. All the resource trade is made with highly armored diesel trains called “The Dreadnought”s. Our character takes his place in a dreadnought by joining the “regiment”.


•First person virtual reality shooter
•Multiple weapon choice
•Weapon upgrade
•Custom armor build
•Realistic shooting experience
•Atmospheric environment


Diesel Express Live Gameplay

We shot this video while beta testing. The game is almost finished. We just need to adjust some features and its ready to go. We are very satisfied about the gameplay. Player needs to effort to avoid enemy strikes and hide when needed. This was what we planned while game designing.


Diesel Express Launch Video

Here is the Launch Video for Diesel Express. We are very happy for the final results of our game. We are looking forward to release it on time. The music in the pub scene is a song by Frank C Stanley, called “When The Mockingbirds Are Singing In The Wildwood”. The battle music is “Battle In The Sky” composed by Walid Feghali.


New Snowy Terrain


Currently we are working on a new snowy terrain. We are still discussing about its name. It looks really fine to me. I took this screenshot from Unity viewport, so its not the final look. I will capture a video as soon as possible. If you wondering how do we create this terrains, we are using world machine which is giving A LOT of possiblities to us to create realistic terrains. After creating it in World Machine, we render hightmap (for hight value) and splatmap (for texture layers) outputs. Then we import them to Unity terrain.


Shooting Range

We were discussing about to add a shooting range with unharmful targets. Because learning how to aim in game is a little bit hard. So that place will be good for newbie’s.

It was a small theatre before it was started to be used as a shooting range. It is in downstairs of Capital Pub.






Some GIF’s

Here are some GIF’s that we have created from latest gameplay video. We added particle effects to the environment. Enemy cars and our train now causing to dust. GIF’s frame rate is very low here but if you click and open in Giphy you can watch them with higher frame rates. Even though adding particles were on our schedule, honestly i can say i would never knew the game could look that much cool with them.


Capital Pub



Yo! These are sneak peek pictures of the Capital Pub from our game. Capital Pub is in the Capital City Train Station. This is the best place where you can find a job and a cold beer for sure. The table stands front of the flags and posters is the official table of the regiment. We are going to search for new jobs there. In the left side of this table there are another table with various pistols to take before the ride. I am planning to model a train station interior for outside of the bar. In this way we could see even our train. The posters hanging in the second picture are not made by me. I placed them there as placeholders. I feel like I am taking impressions of Bioshock Infinite for some resons. It is fine to me because it is one of the main motivations of me when I started to create this game.